Billing & Coding

Revenue Cycle Management (or Medical Billing Services) is the process of submitting claims to the insurance payors to receive reimbursement for the services you provided to your patients. We all know that working with the insurance payors can be tricky and frustrating, so out sourcing this service can be a great way to improve the efficiency and quality of your practice! It also allows you to spend more time with your patients or clients without having to worry about whether you are submitting your claims correctly or within the appropriate time frame.

Medical Credentialing Healthcare Business Solutions’ Billing Specialists help streamline your billing and coding processes, ultimately maximizing revenue through reduced errors and fewer unpaid claims. Medical Credentialing is a customer focused company that has Billing Specialists dedicated to serving their clients. Our entire Medical Billing team works together to provide a streamlined and cohesive process to provide you with the best customer service possible!

With the constant changes in the insurance and healthcare systems, Medical Credentialing HBS can handle this for your practice to help put you at ease and reduce your need to stay up to date with the ever changing insurance market.

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