Medical Credentialing, Insurance Credentialing and Primary source verification.

It was only a couple of decades ago that healthcare professionals considered medical credentialing that is, the process.

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About Medical Credentialing

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Here at Medical, we’re dedicated to assisting healthcare providers in getting credentialed with insurance companies. It’s important doctors, counselors, and other providers alike are credentialed so that they can bill third parties for their services; or in other words, so they can accept their patients’ insurance.

Our team is made up of credentialing specialists who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, or higher. Additionally, they have completed extensive training and do so on a consistent basis. Our credentialing specialists work full-time to get you the credentialing outcomes you deserve, and they’re committed to creating the very best customer service experience there.

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Why Use Us for Provider Enrollment and Credentialing?

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We Ensure Professional Insurance Services


Medical Credentialing is the process of becoming affiliated with insurance companies so that you (the medical provider).


The process of applying for or transferring a medical or professional license is quite overwhelming. When you move to a new state, even.

Billing Coding & Servcies

Revenue Cycle Management (or Medical Billing Services) is the process of submitting claims to insurance payors to receive.


Outsourcing billing to the right billing company can be a great way to increase revenue and give yourself more times.

Physicians & Doctors

With long days and being on call, doctors barely have time to fit everything they have to do in their schedule.

Credentialing For Nurses

Nurses are referred to as the “heart of healthcare” and work in one of the most demanding professions in the world.

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How We Work

We first listen and then give advice

When you finally complete an application for professional or medical licensure, that is just the beginning. After you have completed this first step, the plethora of additional steps can become completely overwhelming. Depending on each situation, these may include:


What Client Say About Medical Credentialing

Lorena Abarr - Massachusetts

Thank you so much for all of your help with this! You all have been really wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend you to anybody who is looking for help with credentialing.

Christa Surerus - Minnesota

I recently started the insurance credentialing process with Thriveworks, and must say it has been a pleasant experience so far. Great customer service, attentive staff, very prompt and responsive.

Dr. Nick Garg - Pennsylvania

Just writing a note to tell you that Laura Peak has been doing an outstanding job for my credentialing. She is kind, professional, prompt, and available. She has made building my new practice much easier and is much appreciated!.