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Everybody has a mission. Every individual, every company, every team. Ours is to help you thrive in your position—to help you achieve your own mission in serving your community and providing patients with the healthcare they deserve. Now, a critical piece to this puzzle is staying informed on various insurance companies; we understand that, and we can offer you assistance in this process.

To gather important, reliable information on different insurance companies, we surveyed 10 medical billers about their experiences with said companies. Questions varies, but one required billers to put themselves in your shoes for a moment and determine which company they would undoubtedly like to work with. More specifically, they were asked to answer the following: If you were a provider deciding which insurance companies to be credentialed with, what is the top company you would pursue? Why?

The results are detailed below, but before you read them, consider this: the medical billers were asked to identify just one company. There are surely other companies they would love to work with, which are not included in their responses and the following discussion.

A majority of the medical billers surveyed (60%) said they would pursue Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) if they were providers deciding which insurer to be credentialed with. The remaining 40% of those surveyed were split evenly between Cigna and indecision: 20% said they would pursue the former, and 20% said they could not answer this question definitively. Additional information about the billers’ responses and the companies can be found below:

Again, 60% of the billers who took our survey said they would want to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield if they were providers. One of these individuals said that BCBS “pays the highest, is the quickest to work with, and is easy to resolve issues with.” Another said that this company “pays the most and is the easiest to deal with,” and a third said they chose BCBS simply because a high volume of clients have this insurance. The fourth and final said that BCBS pays well.

BCBS has provided health coverage to over 100,000 Americans since 1929. It is their mission to enable their customers to live “free of worry” and “free of fear.” In addition, they customize their work to best benefit each and every community they serve. According to their website, over 96% of hospitals and 95% of doctors choose to work with BCBS, which is more than any other insurer.

The second most popular insurer, based on the responses of several medical billers, is Cigna. Again, 20% said they would choose to work with this company. One biller explained that Cigna pays claims quickly and their reps are efficient, while another said they have good online tools.

Cigna’s mission is to help its customers improve their health, their wellbeing, and their sense of security. The company got its start over 200 years ago and has since evolved into what it is today with the merger of INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation. Its team members prioritize “proactive, personal and empathetic” interactions and relationships and work to help customers stay healthy, provide for their families, and obtain quality healthcare.

Based on the responses of 10 medical billers, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna are both good, reputable companies to work with. That said, the medical billers were asked to name and describe just one company they’d pursue if they were a provider deciding who to partner with—meaning those above are the top insurers, according to these billers, but there are other respectable companies that they would be happy to work with.

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