The process of applying for or transferring a medical or professional license is quite overwhelming. When you move to a new state, even if reciprocity is offered, taking advantage of this reciprocity is tedious and confusing. Busy professionals often lack the time to comb through all of these requirements, and to stay on top of all of the many tasks that are required.

This is where comes in to help! Since 2008, we have been assisting professionals in transferring or acquiring their medical or professional license. We have experience in many areas, and are happy to put this to work for you.

Licensure is a task that is often pushed to the bottom of the pile of things to accomplish. When a task is confusing or overwhelming, we are often reluctant to even begin. We understand, and can be your trusted assistant in this process.

How Does This Work?

We first listen and then give advice

When you finally complete an application for professional or medical licensure, that is just the beginning. After you have completed this first step, the plethora of additional steps can become completely overwhelming. Depending on each situation, these may include:

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