Insurance Companies That Go Above and Beyond

Being that you are a medical provider, it is vital that you stay up-to-date on the insurance companies you work and partner with—but it isn’t always easy. We want to make it a little easier on you by offering quality information regarding these insurers, which will help you stay informed and allow you to make educated decisions. In order to gather this information, we asked 10 experienced medical billers a series of questions about their experiences with and thoughts on insurance companies. And one of those questions was: Has an insurance company ever surprised you by going above and beyond? We then asked them to disclose the company and explain the situation.

The results are outlined below, but before you review them, take a moment to remember the many duties of a given insurer. Even if they are not identified below as a company that goes above and beyond, they strive every day to provide customers with quality, reliable healthcare—and that’s extraordinary in itself.

A large majority of the survey respondents (80%) said that they didn’t have any experiences with an insurance company going above and beyond, but the remaining 20% had surprisingly pleasant experiences. One respondent named Cigna as an insurance company that goes above and beyond, while another identified Blue Cross Blue Shield as an extraordinary insurer. Additional information regarding their experiences is detailed below:

One of the medical billers surveyed said that Cigna goes above and beyond. “Cigna processed claims very quickly one time, which was very helpful,” they said. Cigna got its start more than 200 years ago, but has since merged with INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation and evolved into the global health service company it is today. This insurer upholds 95 million customer relationships throughout the world (in 30 countries and jurisdictions) and employs more than 40,000 people to provide exceptional service to these customers. Their ultimate goal is to help customers stay healthy, happy, and safe.

Another medical biller we surveyed said, “every once in a while you will get a rep that goes above and beyond.” They then used Blue Cross Blue Shield as an example. BCBS has been in business since 1929, leading the healthcare industry by “rising to the challenges that change brings, enabling new discoveries, and continuing to evolve.” Their ultimate mission is to enable their customers to live free of worry and fear because they are covered and supported by BCBS. Furthermore, they hope to have a consistent and positive impact on healthcare in communities all across America.

The above data was based solely on the experiences 10 medical billers have reported having with said insurance companies. So, while Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield were the only two identified as companies that go above and beyond, every insurer’s primary goal is to provide quality healthcare and help each customer however they can. Furthermore, they have to abide by their rules and policies in the process. Keep this in mind as you consider the above survey results and review further information.

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