The Worst EAPs to Work With

Our ultimate mission is to help you excel at your job as a medical provider—with that in mind, we understand just how important it is for you to stay informed on the insurance companies you work with each day. And we wanted to offer you assistance in doing so. We surveyed 10 medical billers and asked them to tell us about their experiences with different insurers. These questions ranged in subject matter—some probing about claims and others about audits—but a couple questions focused on work with EAPS. We first asked about pleasant experiences with EAPs and then we asked the following: What is the worst EAP to work with? And why?

As you read the results below, keep in mind that the data is based solely on the opinions of 10 medical billers—and it’s possible that one lone experience caused a biller to rank a given insurer as the worst EAP to work with. Furthermore, one biller may have had a negative experience with an EAP, while another had a pleasant one. In sum, the following information is important to review, but it is a mere piece of a big puzzle.

Thirty percent of the medical billers we surveyed said that they didn’t work with EAPs often enough to give accurate information, while 10% said they haven’t come across an EAP that could be classified as the worst. Another 10% said, “all are slow and pay low.” The remaining responses were split between a few companies: Humana, Magellan, and Quest. Humana received 30% of the votes, while Magellan and Quest each received 10% of the votes. Additional information regarding their responses can be found below:

A large percent of the billers surveyed (30%) said that Humana was the worst EAP to work with. One of these respondents wrote that this particular company, “requires a lot of paperwork, and if any boxes are missed then they will reject. Everything must be clear and correct. They take a while to pay, also.” Another biller shared a similar experience and explanation for determining Humana as the worst EAP to work with, and the third simply said that working with Humana can be difficult.

Humana’s mission is to be an innovator—a company that shifts perceptions and goes above and beyond the provider role. Members of the Humana team work to empower each customer and help them live healthy, gratifying lives. Furthermore, they prioritize providing affordable, quality healthcare coverage.

One medical biller said that Magellan was the worst EAP to work with, but they did not offer additional information about what led to this conclusion. Magellan’s goal is to guide humanity to healthy, vibrant lives by prioritizing their four values: integrity, accountability, collaboration, and caring. Furthermore, the team at Magellan is dedicated to the customers and communities they serve.

Another medical biller reported Quest as the worst EAP to work with, saying simply that “sometimes they just don’t process correctly, and it takes a lot of time.” Quest prides itself on having an experienced team, dedicated to providing quality service. Each member’s level of experience allows Quest to correctly evaluate each customer’s needs and provide the correct coverage for everyone’s insurance needs.

The above information is important to review, as EAPs are designed to provide a range of beneficial services to employees and their families. However, it’s also important to consider why each medical biller voted the way that they did. For example, one biller’s decision was based on a company rejecting paperwork if any boxes are incomplete—this may frustrate the medical biller, but one can understand how important it is for an insurer to obtain correct and complete paperwork. In sum, you should review the above information in its entirety, and keep it in mind as you review further information regarding the insurance companies you work with day-in and day-out.

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