How Long Does Medical Credentialing Take?

How long does medical credentialing take?

This is a good question, as the answer has recently changed. When done correctly, medical credentialing used to take about 90 days–much of that time being time spent in queue with insurance companies. However, more recently, insurance companies have been asking for at least 4-6 months. That said, a number of factors play into how long it ultimately takes. (i.e. the time it takes to receive the applications, if the insurance company is closed vs open, length of time primary verifications take, etc.)

To delve into specifics, the process that is filling out and submitting applications to insurance companies is a lengthy one. First, each application that you fill out will take you about 10 hours to finish. Then, after you’ve submitted those applications, it’s important you make sure that the companies actually received them—that they didn’t turn up in the wrong hands. Finally, you have to continue following up with the companies to check that the process is going smoothly—that there aren’t any problems that need your due attention. When problems do arise, those can add a significant amount of time to the whole process.

When working with our medical credentialing team, you will know the status of your applications every step of the way. We grant you access to an online dashboard that shows your progress. In addition, you can call our office anytime and speak with a credentialing representative to get an “up to the minute update” on your medical credentialing.

Final Note: Medical credentialing takes frequent follow-up with insurance companies, to navigate problems that occur and to make sure the application isn’t held up. Often health care providers will neglect this important step, which can extend the process by months or more.