How Much Does Medical Credentialing Cost?

How much does medical credentialing cost?

We take care of the full medical credentialing process for you—which means we accomplish the task of getting you networked with the insurance companies you desire. Our rates for medical credentialing are simple and affordable, as low as under $200 per panel. For this, our staff spends many hours retrieving, completing, and follow up on your medical credentialing applications.

Is it really worth it? How do I know it will pay off?

We take on the burden of medical credentialing for you, so you can focus on your passion–excellent patient care. With excellent patient care, and your ability to accept your patients’ insurance, you’re guaranteed to build an excellent clientele. In other words, the service pays for itself!

Get started today.

Special discounts are available for practices with several providers. For more information, simply call us at 1-855-664-5154 and we’ll be happy to discuss medical credentialing rates specific to you and your practice.