Medical Credentialing Rates

If you are like many individuals (or medical practices) looking into medical credentialing, it’s possible that you are just beginning your practice, or are currently transitioning from a part-time to a full-time clinical practice. Congratulations!

These are exciting times for sure, but also times when money can be in short supply.

Medical Credentialing Cost – How much does it cost? provides full service medical credentialing (the process of getting you and your practice on insurance panels), at very affordable rates.

Credentialing for solo practitioners can be for as low as $200 per panel!

How will Credentialing improve my Practice’s profitability?

This means that the entire credentialing fee will pay for itself after just a couple appointments with your first patient / client. Put another way, if you turn away just one new patient because you’re not credentialed with his/her insurance company, your practice has already lost out on business and profit, and possibly hurt a relationship with a referral source!

Retrieve, Complete and Submit: Credentialing Applications.

Online Account Access: Showing Real-time Status.

Team Availability: Telephone, Email, or Chat (8am-5pm M-F)

Proof of Timely Application Follow Up:  Full digital records.

Fulltime US-based Team: Corresponding with Ins. Companies

BBB Rating: Highest possible A level

Contracting Phase: Executing your credentialing contracts for you