Medical Credentialing for Massage Therapists: Get on Insurance Panels

While many insurance plans are cutting back on the benefits they provide to their customers (the insured individuals), one area where benefits seem to continually be increasing is in the area of Massage Therapy.

Hence, if you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, you may be looking to get on insurance panels, so that your patients / clients are able to use their insurance to pay for your services. If so, you have a couple options: you can take it upon yourself to complete the credentialing process or you can take hire someone to do it for you.

Let’s consider the former. What does getting credentialed involve? First, you’ll have to figure out which insurance companies you’d like to get credentialed with. Then, you’ll have to fill out lengthy applications for EACH. Then, you’ll have to submit them and call right away to check that they’ve received your applications. Then, you’ll have to call again and again and again to make sure each application is getting processed properly (that none of them have gotten held up somewhere).

Now, let’s look at the latter option: You can let someone complete this process for you—someone like us. has helped hundreds of health professionals in small medical practices get on insurance panels. If you’re looking to delegate your credentialing, or just looking for some advice to get started, we’d love to talk with you! Give us a call anytime at 1-855-664-5154.