Medical Credentialing Tip: Who You Take on as a Client is Up to You!

Question: I have noticed that health insurance companies require signed contracts. Does that mean that I must see certain clients when I would choose to refer them? How does this work?

Answer: Being medically credentialed to accept reimbursement from insurance companies allows you the privilege of expanding your range of clientele and growing your practice in the process.  However, being credentialed with an insurance company in no way means that you are contractually bound to see certain clients.

When you undergo medical credentialing, all you’re agreeing to is this: when a client presents you with their insurance, you will accept the reimbursement that insurance company offers you.  That’s all.  You are free to accept and refer clients as you see fit; it’s only when the counseling relationship begins that you have any obligation to that insurance company.

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