Meet the Team!

Our credentialing team is 10 full-time employees strong!

Why is this important? In an industry dominated by one person shops, independent contractors, and overseas contracts, having a US-based team of 10 employees is night and day when it comes to customer experience, and credentialing outcomes!

For example, if you want to reach our credentialing team, we are just a phone call away, all day, every business day (compare this to someone trying to do credentialing on nights and weekends!).

In addition, we have invested in excellent project management software so that every customer can view their credentialing account, and see in real time how their credentialing progress is progressing with each of their insurance companies (you can also message online with our team, while we work on your account)!

Finally, we provide in depth and ongoing training for all our credentialing specialists. Our staff are required to hold at least a Bachelors degree, and many have acquired Masters degrees or higher. Our professional and excellent customer service has helped us to maintain the highest possible A level rating with the Better Business Bureau!

Here are some “home-made” (and somewhat cheesy :-)) introductory videos of our team!