Credentialing for Nurses

Nurses are referred to as the “heart of healthcare” and work in one of the most demanding professions in the world. The role requires countless hours of dedication and commitment–nurses act as caregivers, communicators and teachers to their patients. No day is the same, as each one brings a waiting room with new patients to accommodate with physical exams, health histories and challenges.

When your calendar at the practice is filled with appointments for the next several months, there’s little extra time to spend on the onerous task of do-it-yourself medical credentialing. For each insurance panel, you must fill out the application and follow up with phone calls to ensure it arrived and is being moved through the process. Or, in the worst case scenario, it has landed on the wrong desk, is lying at the bottom of a stack of papers or is lost by the insurance company. If too much time has passed or the application is lost, there is the hassle of starting all over.

Choose our medical credentialing team to take on the job of medical credentialing, allowing you to center your attention on patients and the numerous responsibilities of the practice. We have provided expert, affordable medical credentialing to thousands of healthcare practitioners. With more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in medical credentialing, we will rescue you from the mountains of paperwork, never-ending phone calls and scrambling to keeping up with deadlines.

Medical Credentialing is Essential

For nurses who are new to the profession or those who have worked for years, it is essential to have medical credentialing. In the past, healthcare providers had flourishing, cash-only practices. Now, it is critical to have medical credentialing and get on insurance panels—or be “in network”—with insurance plans. Healthcare in the nation is more generally available. It is imperative to be on insurance panels to be able to accept third-party payments from patients, and it is a necessity for keeping up and expanding the practice.

More people than ever are now on insurance plans because of healthcare reform. The cost of healthcare is climbing. HMO plans are more popular than PPO plans. The result is out-of-network benefits becoming a thing of the past. In addition, the services for new and pre-existing conditions are both being covered.

Patients are vocal about asking if their insurance is accepted, and they demand it. Long past is the time when patients paid cash for services by healthcare providers—with the hefty costs of healthcare premiums, they want to be assured their healthcare is covered by insurance companies. Knowing this, healthcare providers who want to expand their client base and maintain their longstanding patients need to accept insurance. Medical credentialing is vital for the practice to succeed.

Plenty of extra time and diligence is necessary if you choose to do medical credentialing on your own. Deciding which panels you want to be on and following through with the requirements is, at best, a test of your patience.

  • Carve out some time to contact insurance companies for the very latest applications available.
  • Complete the applications, with each one being between 30 to nearly 100 pages.
  • Be sure to note that the applications request information in certain formats.
  • After the applications are sent to the insurance companies, contact each of them to confirm they were received. There are instances when applications land on the wrong desk or are lost. When this happens, deadlines for the applications may pass, and the procedure must begin again.
  • If insurance companies need additional information, you must provide it to them quickly in order to meet deadlines.
  • Contact each insurance company every couple of weeks to ensure the applications are winding their way through the process.
  • Unfortunately, applications are sometimes rejected. In that instance, you must send a formal appeal in response.

Do-it-yourself credentialing takes an inordinate amount of time, patience and work, and your role as a nurse doesn’t afford you much spare time. But, you know how crucial medical credentialing is. Instead of doing the credentialing, let our professionals provide efficient and impeccable service. Thousands of healthcare providers have trusted us for credentialing for the past decade. The following are the benefits of choosing

  • Assistance in selecting insurance panels that are appropriate.
  • Fill out one, easy form—our Master Survey.
  • Our credentialing team gets to work immediately securing your insurance panels.
  • Keep abreast of an application’s progress online wherever and whenever you want—around-the-clock, seven days a week. Your credentialing account is always available in real time. You can also call our credentialing team, who will be happy to update you on your medical credentialing progress.
  • With, medical credentialing is affordable.

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