Physician Credentialing: Which Insurance Companies Are Best?

Physician Credentialing: Which Insurance Companies Should I get Credentialed With?

Many times, when people in private practice seek to get on insurance panels, they have a general idea of the panels they want to get credentialed with. However, sometimes the opposite is the case: you have no idea who you should get credentialed with. Or, you just want to make sure you get it right. In either case, here are a couple tricks for determining which companies you want to get networked with:

  1. Look into what your clients (current or potential) use. Look for a pattern in your clients. Which insurance companies do they use? Do a majority of them use big companies like Cigna or Aetna? Do many of them use smaller, local insurers? The reason you’re getting credentialed is so that you can accept your clients’ insurance—so you certainly want to start here when it comes to deciding which companies you get credentialed with.
  2. Ask other healthcare providers who they’re credentialed with. Here’s a lesser known hack for deciding which panels to get on. Ask other healthcare providers in the area which companies they’re networked with. If they’re credentialed with Cigna and Aetna, then chances are their clients use these insurers. And it lets you know you should probably get credentialed with them too!

In Sum…

If you are completely new to private practice, there are major insurance companies that people want to be credentialed with: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, etc. The key to remember: make sure you choose physician credentialing that benefits your practice. Sometimes, the smaller, city-specific insurances can help your private practice succeed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that  if you are the only practice in a city that accepts a small insurance company, your clientele could be huge. There would be no competition for receiving the clients you wanted. If you are unsure of which panels to get credentialed with, we can help with that. We have a database of research, information, and experience that we can draw upon to help you help your practice succeed.

If you are looking for a physician credentialing service who can take the burden of credentialing off your plate, we can help with that too. We would love to talk with you about our full service medical credentialing offer that guarantees your success.

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