Provider Credentialing: What to Do About Closed Panels? (Updated)

We can help you with appeals for provider credentialing to get on closed panels. It involves…

  • reaching out to a specific contractor.
  • reaching out to a representative for the county you are in.
  • sending a letter that details all of your unique specialties and information about your practice.

The contractor will then review the letter and application in the appeals process. If that fails, we do have the option of reapplying every 6-12 months. Panels usually do a review of their panels at the end and beginning of the year. UBH reviews their panels every 120 days.

In reality, not all of the panels are closed. Maybe BCBS and UBH were closed, but some of the smaller panels are open. While there are smaller amounts of people in the area with that insurance, there are fewer providers with the smaller insurance companies. That way, you end up being a big fish in a small pond.

There are ways around closed panels. If you are in our system long enough, more than likely, we will get you credentialed with the large private insurances. Insurance companies keep your records and applications on files, and when there is an opening, they turn to your application.

Let us take charge of the credentialing process for you. This process is a lengthy one, not to mention one that takes away from your primary efforts: providing your customers with your healthcare services. We’ll fill out and submit the applications for you, follow up with each insurance company, and continuously check to make sure your applications are getting processed. And we won’t stop until you are credentialed! Simply give us a call at 1-855-664-5154 to hear more about our services or to get started right now. Additionally, you can visit our FAQ page for additional information.