What is the process for credentialing with insurance panels?

For many health professionals, the process of medical credentialing is both stressful and frustrating. In contrast, when working with our medical credentialing team, we remove the burden of the credentialing process.

First, we help you to choose excellent insurance panels in your area. What does this entail? Well, we’ll look into a few things: which insurance companies your clients use, which insurance companies other healthcare providers in your area are credentialed with, and which insurance companies (big or small) are popular in your region.

Second, we ask you to complete one short survey, we call it our “master survey”, which asks basic questions about you and your medical practice.

Third, we take care of the medical credentialing applications. Did you know that you have to fill out a different application for each insurance company you want to get credentialed with? Not to mention each can take more than 10 hours to complete. Additionally, it’s important to follow up with these companies continuously (in case problems arise), until the process has officially come to a close. (We’ll navigate any problems that might arise during the credentialing process.)

In short, our credentialing professionals will focus on your credentialing process, so you can focus on your passion—helping your patients and providing them with the healthcare they need.